Now that I am taking my cookery more seriously, I have decided to join the world of the food-bloggers.  My focus is going to be on a mixture of recipes and reviews of food books.  At the moment, baking is my current passion (the reason for which I will explain in another post) but I enjoy a wide range of kitchen activities.

I can't promise to post every day - but I will try to keep things moving on at least a weekly basis.

And why Manbakes?  Because I am a man who bakes - simple as that.

I am not someone who cares about creating beautiful plates of food - I want people to be blown away by how things taste not how they look.  Flavour and texture are much more important to me.

Hopefully through this blog, I can track my progress in the world of food and share some of the highs and lows of the experience along the way.



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