Yes, I have entered!

What began as a whim in the run up to Christmas has started to get serious.

I am not yet there - but I have at least had an audition (which is something most applicants didn't get.)

Apparently more than 1500 people applied, 120 will have been invited to the first auditions.  For this stage, everyone had to take along a sweet and a savoury baked item to be tasted by the judges.  On the day in question, it was none other than Mary Berry herself doing the tasting!  I will post details of my dishes shortly.

After the taste test, some people are invited to do a screen test - which I was and I managed to burble on for 10 minutes in a vaguely incoherent fashion.

What we are waiting for now is to hear whether we are being invited to a bake-off at a London catering college where everyone will have to prepare the same item using the recipe and ingredients provided.  60 people will get that chance and from there the final 12 will be selected.

I have been baking like mad - testing new ideas and recipes in the hope that I will be one of the lucky ones. 

Fingers crossed...
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