Macarons et Gourmandises
Pierre-Jean Furet

Paperback: 189 pages
Publisher: Hachette Pratique (4 Jan 2010)
Language French
ISBN-10: 2012380956
ISBN-13: 978-2012380950

This little book packs a hefty punch in terms of quality content.

Yes, it is in French - but it is accessible to anyone with a bit of knowledge of the language, access to Google and some cooking experience.

The majority of the book is dedicated to a wide range of macaron recipes and what I particularly like is the way that it is both shell and filling that get flavoured. Too many books are just filling recipes with instructions on what colour to add to your shell. Here you get ideas for adding spices and other things to create more complex and exciting combinations.

This is probably not the book for someone new to the macaron game - the instructions for creating your batter are quite slim and not illustrated. However there are plenty of excellent online tutorials that can give you all the help you need.

Alongside the macs are a range of other French patisserie delicacies - financiers, madeleines and many more.

For the price, this is an outstanding book. Almost worth learning French for it!!

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